1. a color varying from white to pale reddish pink.
1. Cowmaid, you look really pite today. It must be the hot weather!

2. You are such a rich pite boy.
by Dee boh J February 10, 2008
Top Definition
Acronym for "Pigeon in the Engine", as related to something beyond your control, with potentially hazardous outcomes and/or repercussions. Creation stemming from Northwest Airlines flight brought down in the Hudson River by birds flying into its engines.
- Im not sure about this date, the guy could be a total PITE.

- Last night turned into a major PITE as my date ended up hooking up with another dude and left me stranded at the bar.
by M2theD2theH February 24, 2009
Singular noun. Name for the back of the hand.
1. Look at the veins on my pite.
2. I'll just write your number on my pite.
3. Old people get liver spots on their pites.

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