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hes a dam PITA
by NW2 Mandem August 17, 2008
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Acronym for Pain in the Ass.
You're always hassling me. Don't be such a PITA!
by sugarbeet digger October 16, 2010
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Although many may refer to it pita as a pain in the ass it can also me intruppeted as stading for as
Paige Is Total Awsome.
A friendly way to great someone name Paige is to say Hey Pita!! What up?
by pita10101010 March 26, 2011
2 5
1. (noun) An acronym for the phrase "PISS IN THE ASS"
2. (noun) The act of one pissing in another individual's asshole.
Jon: "Dude, I finally did PITA with her last night. It kinda grossed her out though..."
Jim: "You actually PISSED in that girl's ASS? You're one sick motherfucker."
by Jimmyism September 15, 2009
4 8
Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana. Refers to a style of dress.
Omg did you see his Brooks Brothers shirt and worn Sperry topsiders?? So PITA.
by Henry Sands Brooks October 11, 2010
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a penis
let me give you dis good pita
by Jennyfromtheblok May 03, 2009
2 7

1) p.i.t.a; pain in the ass

2) someone who doesn't know when the eff to shut it(:

3) george w. bush

4) sarah palin

5) miley cyrus

6) rihanna;

7) angelina jolie
"your acting like a pita"

"she's being a little pita!"
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 11, 2009
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