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The stream of urine which "snakes" accros the pavement wile you are pissing in the corner of a shop window on the way home drunk. Yeah you know you have done it.

1."Woah guys watch out theres a piss snake ahead."

2."Woooo hooo check out my piss snake its gona tangle with your shoelaces dude"
by Campbell on the loose December 06, 2007
1. A male who has a habit of being unable to completely remove piss from his penis after peeing
2. A person who is generally in a pissed off state, like a snake
3. A person who has yellow eyes, that look like piss, or snake eyes
Person 1 - WOW that girl has yellow eyes!!
Person 2 - what a pisssnake!
by outtolunch February 07, 2010
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