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A womans labia, lips (wink, wink)
That girl has her piss flap pierced
by angelus_maximus February 15, 2004
The lips of a woman's vagina. Not just any lips...the ones that are GREAT big like a turkey gobbler.
DAAAMMMNNN...look at the pissflaps on your mom. She could hang christmas ornaments on them things.
by Mooncricket June 18, 2003
1. The flaps that a woman's piss comes out of!
2. Term used to express immense frustration, best used in a board meeting when you've spilt coffee on your trousers
1. Honey, I'm not going to go down on you til you wash your pissflaps .
2. "Jenkins, what's the forecast on shipping sales for the next quarter?" "PISSFLAPS! Oh I'm sorry, what was the question?"
by wazzock2 January 28, 2005
Beef curtains. In polite circles, used as a euphemism to avoid the more direct reference to cunt.
Fucking Jesus! That tart's skirt is showing her pissflaps.
by titwanker May 29, 2003
vaginal lip
Hey baby let me lick dem piss flaps.
by Reid January 22, 2003
A part of the female external genitalia, pussy lips
Lick your ma's piss flaps yuh cunt!!!
by RhiVanHaw August 18, 2009
Large pussy lips that hangs down in a woman like wonderful meat curtains. The best for sucking. Usualy has to be spread with the fingers during the act of pissing, to avoid weting herself.
She had to peel her pissflaps with her fingers before pissing.
by zebedeux January 22, 2007