A Counter strike team; A team consisting of unexperienced players, who's scapegoat for death is calling people "cheaters" in a redneck voice. After they feel they have told you that "you cheat" enough, they then proceed to admin_ban you. Play hard stay CAL-o.
Pis clan has 1337 strats on cs_office.
I got banned from Pis clans server because they think I cheat.
Pis clans members almost jumped me with shotguns because they think I cheat.
Man, Pis clan got OWNED.
Pis clan sucks so bad, I want to join team FIG! where the GOOD players are!
Carbon from Pis clan had a seizure while screaming over his microphone because he is an angry jub.
by JubCiviK April 30, 2004
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