Pensioner I'd like to fuck
Have you been down the WI today? Blimey! Have I?! There's loads of Pilf!
by Andrew Broadhurst & Jasmin September 02, 2007
Persian i'd like to fuck
A: Ohh, look at flora!
B: Yeah, what a PILF!!!
A: yeah, lets bang her
by haakki March 08, 2007
verb, to steal something in a feendish way simply to laugh at his/her misfortune.
I robbed his trousers while he was swimming, hes going to have to walk around all day without any on, HAHAHA.
by Sean March 28, 2004
Politician I'd Love to Fuck
Sarah Palin is a PILF
by Justin October 03, 2008
Play-station I Would Like to Fuck
That Ps2 is a major PILF!!
by S-Bert August 23, 2006
1)Principal I'd Like to Fuck
2)a principal you would see and say "get a leg up"
The only reason I go to school is to see PILF
by Cory November 16, 2003
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