Porker I'd Like to Fuck.
That girls a total PILF.
by Sarmen Sinanian May 15, 2006
Palin I'd Like To Fuck.
Man, I'd sure like to put tubesteak in that bitch Sarah Palin. She's the real PILF.
by Khaytsus September 03, 2008
Priest i'd like to fuck
(at the beach)
Jen: hey, is that father O'Toole on the boardwalk?
Sarah: Holy crap, it is!
Jen: What a pilf!
by King of Canada April 10, 2006
Prince I'd like to fuck.
Prince Charming is a P.I.L.F.
by Hedij May 02, 2011
President I'd Like To Fuck. Should Hillary win, it will be the first time in our nations history that (straight) men will be able to use this phrase PILF in regard to our commander in chief. This is revolutionary.
Hillary's looking good today in her business casual skirt. She sure is a P.I.L.F.
by Corey Feldman December 14, 2007
Pilot I'd like to fuck. You know you've seen them wandering the airports... probably drunk. And you want to jump their bones.
"Whoa! Did you see our pilot? He's a PILF!"
by Rainbabyroo December 04, 2006
Pundit I'd Like To Fuck. Refers to any political commentator, no matter how abhorrent her/his views might be, who is deemed to be highly bangable.
Michelle Malkin; Anne Coulter
by Politkon Zoan March 30, 2005

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