Politician I'd Like to Fuck
McCain's running mate Sarah Palin, you PILF, didn't I see you take home the runner up prize in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant?
by Chuggernaut August 29, 2008
Philipino I'd like to fuck.
kevin is a pilf.
by meftical November 23, 2009
Potential id like to fuck
There's potential there, definate PILF!
by splint0r July 05, 2009
president id like to fuck.
Guy one: Damn, you know who's a pilf?
Guy Two: Who?
Guy one: Yulia Tymoshenko
Guy Two: Damn, your right. I would tap that.
by breebot January 27, 2009
Papa I'd like to fuck
Holy smokes, were you over at Sally's yesterday? Man she has got one hell of a PILF for a father!!
by fu sha sha August 26, 2008
Poppa I'd Like to Fuck, could also be used as D.I.L.F. or F.I.L.F. (Daddy or Father, respectively).
I was damn sexy before, but now that my baby was born I'm a P.I.L.F.
by Gr8Ralphy4u October 22, 2006
Palin I'd Like to Fuck. References the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, who happens to also be a MILF.
Man, dude, that Sarah Palin is such a PILF.
by Jeff Kelley September 04, 2008

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