Priest I'd like to fuck
Did you see father andrews today, wadda PILF
by animalcraker July 26, 2009
Acronym for "Prince I'd love to Fuck". This began trending worldwide on twitter during the global broadcast of Prince William's wedding to Catherine Middleton, mostly with regards to Williams younger brother, Prince Harry.
OMG Prince Harry is a PILF. I wish I were Pippa Middleton
by Timaroare April 30, 2011
PILF stands for Pizza I'd Like To Fuck.

You may use it if you keep using the expression "MILF"
- I'm hungry I want to eat a PILF
- What's a PILF ?
- A Pizza I'd Like To Fuck!
- LMAO !
by victoriahhhh November 14, 2010
Pops I'd like to fuck

also see Gilf ( Grandad i'd like to......) to describe those grand parents of superior hotness.
"your grandads a gilf"
"I call him Pops"
"well then he's a Pilf"
by Scarlettyourdestiny December 30, 2009
Priest I'd Like to Fuck
An internationally known Catholic priest sometimes called "Father Oprah" has been removed from his posts in Florida after published photos showed that the P.I.L.F. was lying down bare-chested in an embrace with a woman on a beach.
by mssheen13 May 06, 2009
Princess I'd Like to Fuck.
Princess Kate Middleton is such a P.I.L.F
by P.I.L.F April 29, 2011
poon i'd like to fuck
Ex:"man, did you see that girl? She was fine as hell! What a pilf!
by Brady Gabe Josiah Bryan January 01, 2009

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