Pizza I'd like to fuck.
Damn that pizza was bomb; PILF status.
by pharcyde21 April 30, 2009
A Pilf is an individual who looks as though the top of his head might be on fire. He usually sees the world through squinty eyes and smells like old milk, it's probably just his dingleberries though. DO NOT, and I repeat DOOO NOT have food around a Pilf. He will go insane and ravage on everything in your household. Think you hear a tea kettle? Or a rape whistle? No... that's probably just the mouth of a young Pilf.
EMILY: Did you hear that sound?
BECCA: Yeah it's that Pilf kid whistling down the street after a white kitty.
EMILY: Can he even see the kitty? His eyes are so squinty.
BECCA: No one knows... all I know is that you better hide your burrito before he sees it.
by serio&herringINC. January 28, 2012
noun-Prince I'd Like to Fuck. A male member of any royal family (excluding the King) that you would like to have sex with.
Prince Harry is such a PILF. Fuck Kate is one lucky pleb!
by VonHaig April 30, 2011
Prince I'd like to fuck.

This term has recently gotten much attention due to all of the handsome princes at Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William.
"Well William may be married, but Prince Harry is a P.I.L.F.
by Lulu tink April 29, 2011
Pedophile I'd like to fuck
Look! that man in that van is definately a PILF!
by ilusion80 October 19, 2010
Priest I'd like to fuck
Did you see father andrews today, wadda PILF
by animalcraker July 26, 2009
"Politician I'd like to Fuck."
Have you seen those pictures of Paul Ryan shirtless? He is one fine P.I.L.F.
by chefbecker September 10, 2012

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