Pirate I'd like to fuck
Person 1: I might watch Pirates of the Caribbean later.
Person 2: Dayum Jack Sparrow is such a PILF
by Hollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy March 29, 2010
"President I'd like to fuck." - Finally women will be able to use ilf-isms with style and class.
Future President of the United States Barack Obama is the P.I.L.F. of my dreams.
by Watt Evers June 12, 2008
politician id like to forget
sara palin is a pilf
by upwing July 10, 2009
Pony I'd like to fuck
Twilight is a total PILF ...you know it's true.
by Imtotallynotafurry November 12, 2011
Plant I'd Like To Fuck, a term usually used by a plant-fucker
Man, that hydrangea is a PILF. How much is it?
by jaggededge1313 February 11, 2010
Pupil (Student) I Like Fuckin'
My classmate is a P.I.L.F
by City+Rapers February 02, 2011
A pancake that your bitch serves to you and you desire it more than her clit.
Randy: Bitch make me some pancakes.
Bitch: right on it baby
Randy: It better be a fucking PILF
by Weenzey April 25, 2010

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