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One who dreams of being at the Paradise Hotel, overlooking the ocean, while watching buff bodied men.
I don't know about you, but I'm a PHWANNABE, for sure...
by annonymous February 08, 2004
1. Person totally addicted to the t.v. show Paradise Hotel and wishes they themselves could be one of the guests staying at the luxurious hotel.


2. Specific person's board name.
Who also fits definition #1. and therefore chose that nick name for herself.
1. Hurry up I don't want to miss Paradise Hotel tonight...Wish I could be sitting by that pool drinking a big ol' Bahama Mama ~ And huggin on one of those guys... Yummm....

Response ~ You are such a PH-WANNA-BE.

2. Hey, has anyone seen PHWANNABE?
by Dixie February 08, 2004
A mom of 2 busy toddlers that day dreams of being in Paradise
I wanna be in paradise
by Phwannabe February 09, 2004
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