Short for Pussy-Grabbing Run.

When a man goes on a mean streak of hooking up with girls. Often spurred by a shitty break up, a spiteful/bitch ex, or getting screwed over by women in general, a successful PGR lets the bra's of the world know a bro is back, and he means biz-ness.
"Your girlfriend dumped you?"
"Yeah, fuck that man..I need a good PGR right about now"

After his girlfriend dumped him and started screwing other guys the next day, Greg went on a mad PGR. Now she's pregnant, while Greg runs train all day, all night.
by El Presidonkte May 17, 2010
Top Definition
(puh-jerr) Pressurized Gas Release

occurs when a fart is powerful but silent, possibly smelly
Yo it might smell soon, I just PGRed

I gotta fart but hopefully it's a PGR so no one hears it
by jackarse September 12, 2010
abbr. of Pitman Got Raped.
orig.- Josh Pitman, 15 y-o cooldude/ clown/ lardibum/ self-admitted anal rape victim.
Confessed, after colonic threats, that he was sphinctally confronted by a 40 y-o man in some T Wells toilets.
pitman got raped (by a boy - made him lose his breath)
in the woods (and he ate some pies)
thunder thighs (that's Josh)
can he keep up?-
no he cant 'cos he's just too fat
and he was taken up the back
(by a boy - that's Josh)
by U NO HU January 21, 2005
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