Pussy Getter - Someone who gets em bitches for sex
This here is my man "--" a real P G , and a true brother
by Giri October 31, 2005
pg stands for "pro-gamer" in the world of electonic sports.
Blizzard and gn0x;-)are pgs.
by nAmAri3 September 27, 2006
A PG (Party Guardian) is a person who watches over people at a party in which alcohol is prominent. They are often sober or have had very little to drink. A PG is there to make sure nothing senseless occurs, apply judgment when it is needed, and to eradicate situations in which people might regret the following morning. They are often known to stop fights and to stop one person from taking advantage over another. May otherwise be referred to as TPG (The party guardian).
There is going to be a party at the Beta House tonight, wanna come?""I don't know, parties make me nervous. What if something happens?""Oh don't worry, we have a PG to make sure everything stays safe.""Sweet, I'll be there!
by Shadowsketch July 15, 2010
Polish ganster someone of polish decent that is a total OG.
SJ is an OG. Wait his grandma is polish, that means he is a PG.
by HSJ December 23, 2007
abreviation for post graduate. one who has successfully completed there senior year at another high school, but wishes to get another year in to prepare further before college. considered seniors at exeter
"omfg there are some hot new pg's this year"
by lil d April 05, 2005
Up until the 1970s, the word pregnant was hardly used. If a female were expecting, she was said to be pg.
Oh, have you heard? Ellen is finally pg at 39?
by Richard Black March 30, 2005
1. Parental Guidance suggested (movie rating)
2. as clean as the aforementioned movie rating
that homie is as PG as muthafuckin' Jesus Chrizist.
by Aesop Rock October 26, 2003

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