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One of the first distributors of hydroponic weed to Pleasant Grove thugs in the mid- nineties. She was a white girl in the grove who hooked the black folks up with that 'indo'. PG Dragon got her name while selling Florida crippy at Silver City Gentlemen's Club in Dallas, TX in 2001 from a local owner of a Chevy dealership who couldn't get over the funkiness of her bud and likened her ability to smoke to the Dragon lady from the 1980's movie "The Golden Child" starring Eddie Murphy.The name stuck and soon all the pimps and hustlers in the grove asked for PG Dragon, and some called the bud K7. By 2002, many distributors had similar crops, but no one had anything on PG Dragon's hookup with Sticky Eric and that crippy-esque bud. PG eventually got out of the game, moving to Plano, and finally introducing someone else to Sticky Eric to take over her clients.
Hey, look at that Grove rat in the country ass 84' dodge ram charger; must be the PG Dragon.
by PG Dragon, KJO February 03, 2010
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