Pure Fucking Magic:
1) The idea that something resolved itself; the idea that something resolved magically; Used as an answer when the truth may not be present
2) Lengthened version of FM; a miracle; low probability
1) The problem cleared itself...how? Not sure, I think it was P.F.M.
2) It will be F.M. if he/she finishes the job.
by Greenskeeper1 September 06, 2007
Pretty fucking much
Person 1: You're so in love with him.
Person 2: Pfm.
by lishthefish May 26, 2012
Pure Fucking Magic
The only explaination as to why something, beyond available knowledge, could possibly work.
The reason why somthing that shouldn't reasonably work, does.
1. To the kids, the gyroscope was PFM.

2. Even though the car was totalled in the telephone pole and ice cream truck collision, the engine still ran because of PFM.
by Apocalyptimaniac August 22, 2006
Pretty Fucking Miserable
The PFM food served in the NCSSM cafeteria makes me and my friends order pizza five times a week.
by Luther Setzer March 13, 2011
Pure Fucking Magic

An instantaneous event that accomplishes a task with seemingly no effort; results in immediate satisfactory results.
I got an A on my Physics test, scored with the campus hottie and cleaned my room in one day. I had my fair share of PFM.

Wow, you just ran 3 miles in 12 minutes and managed not to puke, that's PFM!
by poli.sci.chick April 07, 2010
Pure Fuckin Magic
"There was just 3 muffins here and now there all gone. I don't know where they went it was like PFM."
by Archbishop Flava Dave September 08, 2008
Pure Fucking Magic
Getting the systems to run around here takes PFM.
by Charlie O February 03, 2003

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