Pure Fucking Magic

An instantaneous event that accomplishes a task with seemingly no effort; results in immediate satisfactory results.
I got an A on my Physics test, scored with the campus hottie and cleaned my room in one day. I had my fair share of PFM.

Wow, you just ran 3 miles in 12 minutes and managed not to puke, that's PFM!
#pure #fucking #magic #accomplishments #lucky #scored #amazing #unbelievable
by poli.sci.chick April 07, 2010
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Pure fucking magic.
Person A: How the hell does a person sing in harmony with themselves?

Person B: PFM.
#pure #fucking #magic #explanation #amazing
by Bella Bartalk October 14, 2013
Peyton Fucking Manning. Abbreviation for Peyton Manning an American football player in the NFL. The abbreviation was first made (due to FCC regulations)

on a sports talk radio station in Denver upon the signing of Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos on 3/20/2012.
The Denver broncos just signed PFM! Peyton Fucking Manning! I can't believe it!
#peyton manning #p.f.m. #broncos #peyton fucking manning #abreviations
by Hellcat44 December 28, 2012
Please forgive me.
I accidentally fell on top of your mom. pfm Please forgive me.
#please #psm #pmf #lplese #no
by the mitchell October 22, 2009
Pretty Fucking Much......
"So you're just sleeping all day?"
#abbreviations #cuss words #slang #smartassed remarks #lazy words
by Starlababy65 April 18, 2008
Pinchi Fuckin Mexican of Shit

Phrase often used by Mexicans who live in the States making fun of their race. Most of the times when a mexican says or does anything stupid, and another mexican answers. (Pinchi means fuckin in english, so yes, you say fuckin fuckin...)
When two grease monkeys are working on a car in the shop, and one of em gets hit with a wrench in the head, the other one says: "ooh you pinchi fuckin mexican of shit" or "ooh you PFMS"
#mexican #fuckin #pinchi #shit #pfms
by turiman January 06, 2008
An acronym for a Penis Face Massage. A relaxing and erotic face massage using a flaccid penis. The soft glans penis can be used with or without foreskin. Known to reduce the appearance of lines on the face, while increasing the appearance of balls on the face.
"What are you doing after work today?"

"I'm so stressed! I just want to go home and get a PFM from my boyfriend."

"That sounds great, can I come over and get one too?"

"Of course not you fucking whore, die in a fire."
#penis #flaccid #erotic massage #massage #relaxation
by Licensed Massage Therapist November 17, 2011
pizza faced mexican.usually fat and extremely annoying. can be changed to incoporate other ethnicites such as PFC-pizza faced chinese, PFA-pizza faced african,etc.
why is that PFM so damn ugly?
#pizza face #mexican #ugly #pfa #pfc #pfn
by 2FacedNigga December 05, 2005
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