Abbreviation for Post-Fucking Dumbass Syndrome, an adjective describing people who turn into dumbasses after getting fucked. Usually associated with women who expect you to buy them breakfast in the morning after a one night stand.
Johnny: "Why was that skank so pissed when she left?"
Tommy: "She's got PFDS, she expected me to give a fuck about her."
by D3tR0iT C1Ty June 02, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for Personal Floatation Devices
used to describe a chick with really large tits.
Look at the PFD's on that chick...
by Bob N July 28, 2005
pfd - the word for a person who floats between social groups and doesnt have one defined group, also known as a floater
Mary is such a pfd because yesterday she hung out with the jocks and today she is hanging out with skater kids.
by lozenger October 07, 2006
professional fake detector
That person must have there pfd, they can sense a fake person from a mile away!
by Fake Detector January 05, 2010
Pretty fuckin' drunk

An "I" is usually implied before usage. In the example "PFD" means "I'm pretty fuckin drunk."
"Dude let's go get some more shit"

by saguanau September 10, 2011
To Party the Fuck Down, parting for an extended amount of time usually more than 24 hours
Are you ready to PFD?, You must be a hella partier to PFD
by M. Dunn/Pangela December 02, 2006
personal fuck doll. a girl who basically gives it out for free. usually considered a slut.
damn. that girls a pfd. she'll get with anyone
by maowww October 21, 2009
People Falling Down. Abbreviation. Commonly used in texting or Facebook posts.
Text: crazy party bro. pfd everywhere.

Facebook: Funny video! I love PFD!
by PFDlaugher March 26, 2011
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