1. military rank: Private First Class
2. Perfect For Cleaning
3. Pointless Fucking Chevron
"PFC clean this shit up"
by anonymouslck November 09, 2008
Private First Class (E-3)
Just make the PFC do it. Tell him the Specialist said to.
by Joe November 07, 2003
pfc is an abbreviation for either

1. pretty fucking cute


2. pretty fucking cool

depending on the context in which it is used.
1. awww, you're pfc for giving me those flowers.

2. it's pfc when my teacher gives me 3 projects due the same day. not.
by thisisspartaaa March 02, 2009
Stands for Potential Fat Chick. A young girl who is not fat but looks like they could easily become fat later in life.
Hillary Duff is a PFC.
by SamanthaEm December 17, 2008
PFC is short for Pudding Flavored Condoms. These come in handy when a blowjob is in order. They make giving blowjobs a delicious treat.
Dude one: Hey bro I gotta go get a PFC for tonight

Dude two: Woah! You gonna give some girl a delicious treat for dessert?!?!
by #6969-4 March 14, 2010
Pronounced as an acronym, this term can either denote the United States Army rank of E3, or as slang in the same army can mean "Proud Fucking Civilian." Most often, the second context is used by service members soon to finish their time in the service and return to civilian life.
"By next week, I'll be a PFC."
"But you're a sergeant..."
"Proud Fucking Civilian"
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 06, 2004
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