aan organization that stands for

PETA took my dog im so scared!
by shawn im so kool May 24, 2005
People Eating Tasty Animal
PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals
by super squid August 07, 2012
PETA = People Eating and Tenderising Animals
I have took control over PETA and made a new meaning for it hahahahahahahaha
by Paulygm127 October 09, 2005
Absolutely horrible organization bent on eliminating ALL pet ownership! PETA claims to be people for the ethnical treatment of animals, but all they are are people who would rather see an animal dead than in the constraints of human ownership. They recently stole a 9-year old's dog without just cause and killed it. They claim milk is a racist drink and that meat causes incompetency. Hello, humans have been drinking milk and eating meat for many many years now, I doubt they pose a threat if our ancestors ate meat and drank milk. These people are extremist assholes! A true animal lover protects animals, not kill them! Animals have forever changed our lives and that's the way it needs to stay!
In the past year, PETA has euthanized roughly 30,000 animals they deemed unadoptable.
by Truelove101 January 02, 2015
A group that gives money to the ALF (Animal Liberation Front). PETA only spends 1% of their procedes actually helping animals. They're run by left-wing extremists and think that a chicken is at the same level as a human.
PETA members don't actually like animals, they just hate people.
by Sheela January 12, 2004
1. People For Ethical Treatment of Animals. Peta is an organization that has the right idea about animals, but is not right about anything else. Peta has strong opinions and does not take ANY other point of view.
by Danapal July 07, 2005
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