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A vegetarian/vegan group of people who mean well but often go about it wrong. They shouldn't destroy things. Then they, themselves, are wasteful.

I am a vegetarian myself, but I would not join PETA for the above reasons.
PETA may not be smart, but their cause is a good one.
by Chrissi January 31, 2004
Possibly more annoying than a Jehovah's witness Door knocker.
PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
For house pets I understand but animals we use for food,
They bitch and whine that "Killing animals is wrong!" Yet humans need protien and some of the meat eaters don't like Soy meat.
Another example, If an animal rips into your house, most people would kill it, yet the PETAphiles would capture the animal and move him to a forest...Animals are not fucking retarded, they will follow the scent trail.

PETA meaning 2
People eating tasty animals, BBQ ribs sounds good right now.

PETA meaning 3
People eating tiny animals...
O_O I cannot say anything here.
*eats Chicken mcnuggets*
Jailer 1: What you in for?
Jailer 2: I killed a cow.
Jailer 1: damn thats heavy shit, the farmer must of..
Jailer 2: No no I killed it on Minecraft and the mother fucking PETA bitched at me.
Jailer 1: what the fuck?
Jailer 2: I know... ._.
Jailer 2: Soo, what you in for?
Jailer 1: ugh, ohh fuck......*im screwed*.
aan organization that stands for

PETA took my dog im so scared!
by shawn im so kool May 24, 2005
An assorted collection of retards, faggots, morons and hippies who think it is evil to eat meat or to keep pets. They are a terrorist organisation who hate pokemon.
boy: i heard that peta hate pokemon

father: yes son, they are gay ass hippy shit-eating tree huggers who fuck plants, pokemon is awesome.

son: i hope someone flies a plane into their HQ, the pokemon haters!
by bob spudnik bokaboka October 15, 2013
People Eating Tasty Animal
PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals
by super squid August 07, 2012
originally People for Environmental Treatment of Animals. But can be used to piss vegetarians off and say People who Eat Tasty Animals.
Vegetarian Susan: are u part of PETA?
Bob: Hell yeah! im a person who luvs to eat tasty animals!!

*Bob will more than likely be slappped. hard.

by jason265 July 13, 2010
1.A buch of retarded Hippes who are against humans but love animals and think that people should stop eating meat and leave animals alone because they're to damn stupid to realize that were part of the food chain and infact on TOP of it. Think that Jesus was vegetarian but if they actually read the first page of the Bible they would realize everything they stand for was wrong and they should just go eat somthing besides lettuce. 2. PET@ Poledancers Effing Testicular @$$wipes. The old Haggus sucker you did last night.
1.Whatta you think those Canines are for? shreddin Lettuce !?!?!. Paco: Meat is murder! Juilio:You stupid Yabitchuary go kill somthing and eat it or ill kill you and eat you. PETA SUCKS 2. Ramona: Dude I did a PET@ Last night ! El-Nacho: Wow thats too PG-13 for a 8 year old to be doing.
by Snude-Likkker August 15, 2010