AKA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. A group of animal activist who are commonly misread or misunderstood. PETA members consist of radicals and extremists but also vegans such as Leona Lewis, Nia Long and Forest Whittaker. Not all PETA members are radical people. They put unhealthy and suffering animals to sleep fairly and painlessly. They aren't 100% against the use of consuming animals as much as they are against animals being viciously harmed for food and worn for their fur. They don't think human life is less important then animal life. They simply believe that animal life and rights aren't fought for enough. Just because they fight for the protection of animals of and not for humans does not make them an inhumane people. Stop judging people and things you know bits and pieces or nothing about.
PETA is hosting a protest against fur trade].

Wow, I hope change is made.

Me too.
by me94 April 15, 2010
To summarize everyhting: Animal Rights Terrorists.
If you eat that chicken, Peta agents will slaughter you in your bed.
by SyNySteR September 30, 2006
An animal rights organization. Contrary to popular belief, PETA does not stand for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," but "Poorly Educated Teen Activists," due to the fact that this organization thrives on the support of gullible preteen emo crybabies who would do anything to help a cause, even if it means ruining a couple lives.

Ingrid Newkirk, a tyranical, psychotic bitch, who claimed, in her will, that she would like her dead body to be barbecued and eaten, runs PETA with an iron fist and only steps out of the shadows for a quick publicity shot. Her gopher-like complexion and high-pitched chipmunk-like voice, laced with a British accent, makes her easy to spot in a crowd.

Newkirk is also known as the Furher of the new Fourth Reich, and the third anti-christ, but these are speculations at best.

Like other radical groups, PETA frowns on free will amongst its members. This is evident on the PETA2 boards, where anything that, and anyone who, does not support PETA's insane mantra is automatically squashed and deleted. This is to prevent the further contamination of PETA's brainwashed "Hitler youth."

The organization has supported many outlandish campaigns, such as the Holocaust On Your Plate campaign and the Your Mommy/Daddy Kills Animals pamphlets they hand out to 2nd graders with the intent to make the kids' parents beat the shit out of the activist who handed out the material.

However, PETA is the most notorious for their bogus (and rather idiotic) "Kentucky Fried Cruelty" campaign, sparking activists across the country to unite in a BS cause that has been disputed over and over again to people who do nothing but cover their ears and go "LALALALALALALA!!!"

Each KFC protest requires three things:

1. Two stick figures and some idiot in a chicken suit.
2. Cardboard signs saying something retarded like "KFC TORCHURZ CHIKIES OMFG!!11!" or "I'M A LOSER WHO CAN'T GET LAID!"
3. The inability to shut the fuck up.

Other PETA protests, not specifically about KFC, can be recognized by the loud-mouthed stick-like vegan dumbasses wearing white shirts and shouting obscenities to no one in particular while holding up "IF U EET MEET U R GAY" signs.

These "stick-like vegan dumbasses" (known as "Petardus Nobrainus" in scientific circles), can be recognized by their pale skin color, PETA logos on everything they wear, and the inability to keep their mouth shut for even the smallest iota of time. If a PETA groupie attacks, lash out with a quick dose of Laughter, or, if that fails, kick them in the shins until they cry uncle.
PETA is a terrorist organization full of whiny hippy crybabies.
by Boxtop June 17, 2006
An organization that protests eating, wearing, killing, and talking in a mean tone to animals.

I saw this PETA protest one day, they were protesting KFC. They said that the way KFC kills their chickens is wrong. Wow, I really don't give a crap - the chicken DIES regardless. Who cares if they give it a waterbed with a view of the ocean before it dies.. It's going to DIE!!!

Another thing - these chickens were bred for the sole purpose of becoming my next meal. Therefore, they wouldn't even have a life, let alone a wonderful one if it weren't for meat eaters.
Hey assholes, why don't we take care of all the humans who are living in terrible conditions first?
by yes.. NO!! May 21, 2005
I agree with PETA in the fact that I'm all for the welfare of animals being treated properly. But they go overboard in the fact that they think animals should should have more right than humans! Hypocrites... First of all; they're against eating meat, period. Even if it could cure some poor little boy's hunger/starvation. They're also against wearing fur, even if it could help someone to be warm in cold to freezing tempuratures and they're against people having pets, even though they provide human companionship and love often on their own free will. They also go as low as to stop drug research, even if if it means to find a cure for AIDS or any other deadly diseases that could help very sick people to get back to health.

They use extreme, destructive tactics to get their dumbass point across(ex. Destruction of human property, burglary, instigating full-scale riots, arson, bombing, murder/attepmted murder, scaring the living hell outta little kids, ect...).
Now, I'm all for animals being treated properly and I like animals too(not in any sick way you might be thinking of). But these terrorists go way too friggin' far.
I don't mind if you're a vegan/vegetarian, so long as you're not associated with these idiots or as long as you don't shove your moral/dietary values down other's throats... Then we have no problem whatsoever.

Anyways, my point is that PETA is a idiot organization hell-bent on world domination(if not total human extiction for the other life forms to survive). Atleast to take away all human rights and give them to the animals. Hell, they probably wouldn't even try to defend themselves against an animal that is about to maul them to death. Morons... If they're that damn stupid, they need to be eaten by that very same animal. Or atleast roundhouse kicked by the Great Chuck Norris. That would probably wake them up(if not shatter every bone in their bodies). ;-)
I eat meat. Yes, I do but there's not a damn thing you PETA bastards can do or say to make me feel bad about it. So why don't you go screw yourselves and crawl right back under Dumbfuck Rock where you came from?

Down with PETA! Stupid, evil, animal fucking terrorists/criminals...
half of these dumb shits say bad things about peta because they've never givin' it a chance. it's an amazing organization that is changing the world. they've saved millions of animals and are stopping animal cruelty all over the world. and, it's good to know people care..
check out PETA.com, mann.
by mirandablair August 24, 2008
PETA stands for "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" and, frankly, they are a bullshit organization that attempts to "liberate" animals.

Nobody in their right mind likes PETA. You see it all the time. Only liberals, bullshitting politicians, feminists, and general conformist morons like PETA. Everyone else hates them or don't give half a damn. South Park, Maddox, and even The Onion makes fun of them.

The aforementioned people has a good reason to make fun of PETA too. Here are a number of reasons why no one should like PETA:

1.PETA is the same organization that funds Earth Liberation Front (ELF), a terrorist group that has already committed several crimes, including murder. When questioned about the funding, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said that she considered Rodney Coronado, who was part of ELF and had been convicted in firebombing Michigan University, to be a fine young man.
2.PETA is the same organization that killed Keiko, the killer whale that starred in the movie "Free Willy". In an attempt to free Keiko, they turned their backs on the fact that he is not used to wild life. Soon, he was discovered at another harbor performing tricks. They tried to "liberate" him again, but the result was that he went somewhere else where there was humans (Norway last I heard). So rather than letting him live a long, luxurious life in showbiz, PETA managed to mess it up for him and let him died in captivity in Norway.

And these are just the examples that infuriates me the most. If someone is an animal lover and don't wish to see animals kill, but NO ONE can say that they like PETA without being labeled an asshole. PETA is a hypocritical organization that supports terrorists, fascist laws, and even the FBI has looked into them.

I am glad that the vast majority of people will never listen to their bullshit. For the people who do like PETA, though, they deserve no mercy. With all of the scandals surrounding PETA, the only way a person could think they are the good guys is if they're willfully ignorant.
Liberal Asshole: I am only eating vegetables so that I can limit the suffering of animals!

Man: You know, millions of animals are killed by combines. If you plant your own vegetables, you'll limit the suffering even more!

Liberal Asshole: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Now that is way TOO inconvient for me! I think I'll just stay this way, thank you. Go PETA!
by BusinessMan February 22, 2005
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