Pedophiles Enjoying Twink's Anuses
I saw slick Willy at the PETA rally with a blond twink in tow.
#peta #pedophile #twink #gay boys #butt buddy
by Jack Meough February 17, 2012
Tries to
Today, another PETA spokesperson was taken down by an unknown rooftop sniper. Considering the idiocy of PETA, the police decided there was no reason to investigate, the sniper had done a good deed.
by [EnforcerBot] March 17, 2005
A group of radical hypocrites who are for the "ethical treatment of animals", though they euthanize hundreds of healthy (and sometimes stolen) animals annually. They claim that it's ok for them to do it, but as soon as anybody else does it, it's wrong.
Peta has recently been in the news for dumping euthanized animals in a dumpster.
by Anti-PETAite June 29, 2005
An animals rights group bent on the eventual destruction of human kind. Also a group of hypocrites that belive animals like a chicken are of the same value as a human being. They support terrorist orginizations like A.L.F. They also belive in the eradication of animal testing, zoo's, pets, even animals used in the assistance of disabled people. They fight against animal uthinization but the corperation themselves uthinized over 1300 animals themselves with in the last year. They trivialize events such as the holocaust and equate there fight to the abolition of slavery. I would kill every chimp on the planet with my bare hands if it would help find the cure for aids.
Because of animal testing my life was saved because of organ transplant which was perfected useing animal testing.
by Hunter/Animal Conservationalist August 09, 2004
All living creatures are equal, and humans are in no way “above” other animals, but that in no way justifies PETA’s actions. Humans are omnivorous, and it’s completely natural for organisms to consume other organisms. That’s how nature works.

PETA does nothing to help animals. They kill far more animals than they save, without even giving them a chance for a new home. They spend more of their money on promoting themselves instead of accommodations for the animals, unlike the ASPCA who spend most of their funds on shelter, food, and vet care for their animals. They put down REAL animal organizations like the ASPCA and complain about their conditions, but I’ve volunteered at the SPCA and their conditions were fine. PETA kills about 80% of their animals while the ASPCA gets more than 70% of theirs into homes, mainly because the ASPCA actually evaluates their animals medically and behavior-wise before deciding their adoptability while PETA does not. PETA also has been proven to fabricate their videos and give money to terrorist organizations.

PETA also does nothing for endangered species, and they basically give the finger to any exotic animal that may need help.

PETA is completely ignorant of the fact that animals born in captivity cannot survive well in the wild, and if everyone were to release every pet and zoo animal, they would probably all die or be killed by wild animals.

Some animal keepers do keep them in poor conditions and abuse animals, but the ASPCA can take those animals away, charge the owners with animal cruelty, and find the animal a new home IF that animal was proven to live in bad conditions. ASPCA hunts down animal cruelty with their officers, while all PETA does is lobby pointlessly.

PETA also likes to ignore the fact that animals are constantly slaughtered during the harvesting of vegetables, and they also ignore the fact that people are animals, and maybe our welfare matters, too.

The leader of PETA has also gone on record saying that she would never use anything tested on animals, not even medicine, when she herself uses insulin, which was found through animal testing.

Cosmetic research is indeed pointless and unnecessary, but medical research is for our survival.

Most members of PETA are completely ignorant of anything biological and they’ll believe anything PETA tells them, but idiots who arrogantly mock PETA by putting animals down are just as ignorant.

They have the right idea when they speak out against fur and COSMETIC research, but their methods are heinous.
If you were a REAL animal lover you’d support an organization like the ASPCA or World Wildlife Fund. If you support PETA it just proves how ignorant and impressionable you are.

If you hate PETA, speak out against PETA, not animals. Animals are just PETA's pawns.
#terrorism #extremism #ignorance #hypocrisy #sheepish
by Nami Ookami August 23, 2006
A huge, worldwide animal rights organization. They claim to be in support of helping animals, but they don't actually do anything productive. PETA spends its funds on creating stickers that say things like "Leather Is For Losers" and distributing them, instead of providing homes for stray animals like humane societies or trying to pass legislation like the ASPCA.
PETA gives vegetarians and animal rights activists a bad name.
#veganism #animal rights #liberalism #extremist #left-wing
by Janis January 18, 2006
A group of insane environmentalists. Try and release animals they think are being mistreated even if they arent. Think any form of hutning is evil even though the animals end up killing eachother or starving anyway. Some end up in towns (namely bears) and have to be shot.
My dads girlfriend worked at a lab where a bunch of PETA morons tried to release all the chimps there, and she lives in Ottawa. Fucking dumb fuckers would have sentenced the monkeys to death.
by Blind_assassin August 30, 2005
Insane looneys who compare eating a McDonald's Happy Meal to the Nazis holocaust of the Jews!
PETA is obviously NUTS!
by THEY'RE SICK IN THE HEAD January 29, 2005
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