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Imeti nenavadne obcutke ali slutnje, ki se ponavadi pojavijo pod vplivom drog ali zaradi osebnih tezav.
Pere k z'val!
Pralo jo je sse cel teden.
Ko je pomalical pest bonbonov se je zavedal, da ga ccaka trdovratno pranje.
a: Kdo mi je dal speed v cevlje_
b: Noben, to tebe sam pere.
by kronzzzl October 17, 2008
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A person who also says dude at the end of every sentence.
Pete- Hey man what's up.

Tom- Nothing whats your problem dude. Sorry im having anger issues dude. Plus i just lost my folder dude.

Pete- Stop saying dude its annoying me. Your such a peres.
by T Pepper May 12, 2010

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