A compulsory school subject in which all students must participate.

PE consists of mindless, tedious and inane games that could go from the most basic of human physical abilities such as, kicking a ball, to the other most basic of human physical abilities such as, throwing a ball. All of these mind-numbingly boring games serve no purpose whatsoever to anything in the real world - unless you're planning on becoming an athlete.

A PE lesson will be in the hands of the PE teacher who is either a tall male that wears sunglasses (even where sunlight is not present) and wears a hat with a picture illustrating their favourite sports team. They can also be found wearing a waterproof jacket with stripes and matching shorts - regardless of the weather. The female can either be an old woman who is short and has the same fashion sense as the male (just in a smaller size) or a fit young woman in her 20's that all the guys drool over. Most PE teachers are, inept, devoid of any social skills whatsoever, they're puerile, condescending, supercilious and insipid.

They have a tendency to bully and belittle the children who will amount to something more than just a PE teacher and so they feel frustrated and in some way threatened so they react with primitive instincts.
Person 1: "So what's your first class of today?"

Person 2: "PE."

Person1: "What is something schools could do with out?"
Person 2: "Well PE, it serves no purpose to anything I'll be doing in the real world."
by Delirium92 June 01, 2013
Physical Education
P.E. classes
by switch-it August 17, 2008
An evily devised "education program" designed to make students feel horrible and hold bitter resentment for all physical activities in the future
Johnny dropped out of school when he was 16, because he just couldn't take the slow, sadistic torture known as P.E. for another two years
by Mikalatte January 10, 2011
1) Physical Education
2) Premature Ejaculation
3) seminal rap group Public Enemy
Hey man, after PE last night Jenny came over and wanted to get it on! But I got PE! It's all good, though, cos after she left I threw on some PE and chilled like it was 1989!
by Smeggieballs November 01, 2010
P.E. can be known as both "Physical education" or better as "Pest Extermination." It is a common ritual that students have to endure in high school. It could both entail "Pain" and "Pleasure."

"Pain" for the NERDS
"Pleasure" for the JOCKS

Its meant to bring the social classes of the school together with the common aim to make them stronger. This however, without a doubt becomes a torture chamber for nerds, geeks, goths, obese or anyone outside the "Circle of fame."
Jock: Hey shit face, time to kneel down and suck my balls
Nerd: ahhhhh *shivers
Jock: Ya bitch, hail to thy master
Nerd: I hate P.E. class
Jock: *Smack. Loser.
by Shake360 August 07, 2011
The arse end of the world.
Speaker 1: "Where are you from?"
Speaker 2 (sadly): "PE."
Speaker 1: "Shame."
by iluvuitenhage August 06, 2009
Piss Enema: Anal sex with the express intent of urinating into the recipients rectum.
Man, he filled my colon up with all his hot piss during that PE he gave me & now must hold it for as long as possible before expelling it, but my sphincter is straining under the pressure; am leaking piss, here.
by TrapperBon-Bon January 05, 2016

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