Educating people on how large you penis is.
I took health class and i presented
by Anthony Houdini April 20, 2005
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An utterly useless subject intended by communist dictators like our government to improve the quality of life by exposing young children and adolescents to an hour a day of athletic torture. Games such as Dodgeball and Kickball are most common, though sometimes the occasional (pointless) game of Indian Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee can be seen. Most PE teachers are commonly seen wearing T-shirts and nylon shorts with Nikes and usually have hair cut short. When asked about sexual preference, they usually repond by assigning as many push-ups as is legal.
kid1: "Dude when we were playing 5-base kickball, Shawn asked Miss Peuce her sexual preference and she assigned him 800 push-ups!"
kid2: "Is that legal?"
by MandyM November 04, 2005
A subject that is forced upon students in schools that causes misery and pain to those who do not like sport and would prefer not to participate.
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
A class that almost everybody fails due to the refusal of "dressing out."
PE Teacher- Why are you still in your clothes Timmy?

Timmy- Because I don't want to dress out.

PE Teacher- F!!
by Mynameisyourname February 05, 2007
Public Execution in some countries.
A PE will be held at noon in the town square to punish the drug dealers.
by SAgent October 15, 2005
A useless lesson that is compulsory for all students in the UK up until age 16. The lesson consists of participating in sports and activities, such as football, badminton and cross-country.

The lesson isn't even worth anything and is mostly utilised to curb the supposedly growing amounts of fat, unfit little shits of our generation.

What's even worse is a GCSE (and also A-Level) qualification in PE. This is really nothing more than a tiny part of Biology and is only good for becoming a PE teacher, so you can teach more misguided fools how to become PE teachers, and so on. It's a rather dull cycle.
Most students are forced to play sports that they are not interested in, and are no good at. Combine these "useless" players with football geeks and you get a lot of bullying and harassment in PE, over nothing. This is more prevalent in America however, where social classes (such as those jock shitheads) are much more apparent.

Most schools have two hours/lessons of PE a week, but some, such as the prison known as Wreake Valley only have one.
by DCI May 01, 2005
The torture of innocent children. It is currently legal in most countries and is actually encouraged by the Government. Most 'schools' (Torture Chambers as defined by extra curricular activities, i.e. Netball, Football club) have 3 lessons of PE a week for the first 2 years; then it is reduced to 2 lessons a week for the last 3 years unless an extremely idiotic student options for it as a GCSE. If this does occur, the student has most probably been brainwashed by the bitch PE teachers. Often, the female teachers are lesbians and watch the children dress, this is an example when the torture leads to sexual exploitation of the students. The teachers very rarely accept sick notes and have you do PE anyway. Some teachers will refer to you by your hair colour, for instance 'That blondie over there', they expect you to answer them although there are another 10 students with blonde hair in your class, they do not however, refer to their favourites by their hair colour. The lessons are most commonly 50 minutes each and you have to complete regular sprints (a modern day version of torture), for those who do not complete it to the PE teachers 'standards', they will need to re-do it until they are satisfied (which is never - they are like scubbus', they feed of childrens pain and suffering). Hopefully, in a year or so, some pitying soul will end the childrens pain. PE is completely unecessary and leads to physcotic breakdowns as you get older (it leaves you mentally scarred).
PE Teacher: "Let me see your note."
Student: "Here it is..."
Note says: 'Dear teacher, my child is unable to participate in today's lesson because she unfortunatly fell down the stairs and broke her arm.'
PE Teacher: "No. You WILL do PE, I don't belive that *gestures to cast on the students arm* that is real. I think you are lying. GO AND DO 500 PUSHUPS YOU LIAR!"

It is not a 'subject' that will be used in life. A situation I am going to use as an example is 'you are at a supermarket, you drop your pasta out of the trolley, what do you do?', The answer is, you bend down and pick it up, (a five year old can do that; you do not need so called lessons for a full 13 years), NOT, you do a sumersalt, then 5 pushups, then 10 starjumps.
by PaintedHeartsx December 02, 2009
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