As in the Public Broadcasting System. Americans owe a debt of gratitude for PBS for the quality television they have delivered over the decades.

PBS today DOES have commercials. Don't let them tell you different. Every program is now sponsored by several companies or "made possible by" and then there is a "commercial" for said companies, or organizations.

This did not used to be the case. Also, the pledge drives tend to go on "all year" now, or a lot more now than they did years ago. Every time a pledge drive starts, our local PBS breaks out the "cooler" shows or special shows to "lure" newbies in making us; the ones' who donate our money like clockwork, even more angry and annoyed.

Aside from some politics, and the misnomer that PBS is commercial free; it is a station that is a part of all of us, and sadly isn't watched by more of us.
"Ughh....just trying to watch PBS Newshour, there is about four minutes of "commercials" before the program starts...I thought PBS was supposed to be commercial free???"

"What? WHY are they interrupting Nova for a 'break' to remind us and ask us for more money? Didn't they just have a pledge drive two months ago?"

"Awesome 'Grateful Dead' concert from 1975 was on PBS last night, too bad they ruined it with three "station breaks" to ask for more money, and they only show programs like this when it's time to ask for more money."
by blutowski December 06, 2012
"Pussy Benders" -- really tight pants on a woman.
Her PB's were so tight I could count the hairs.
by cornholio October 09, 2003
Pretty but Stupid!haha
:ayee what's your hair color?
:uhm,theres,black,brown,and dark brown...kind of blondeish
:uh you mean highlights.
:no,hahaha,i dont highlight my hair, highlighters are for writing,DUH,ahhaha good thing ur PbS.
by DontuLoveIt August 18, 2009
Oh man. I just had the orgasm of my life as that chick walked by. I've got major PBS.
by riddler, inc. December 08, 2008
see purse breast separation
Your PBS caused by your purse strap is turning me on.
by Jimmy Carr June 24, 2007
PBS stands for being poor, broke, and struggling.

P: Poor
B: Broke
S: Struggling
Carmyn: Hey Christian. How are you today?

Christian: To be honest, I'm really PBS right now and it sucks! I'm still waiting on my tax refund to arrive!
by xoxoxo, Daydream April 19, 2009
A television station, usually channel 2, with educational programs and the occasional kid's cartoon.
I was on PBS because they filmed my English class.
by Really Bad Poetry April 10, 2005
pbs means parents behind shoulder
Hey, I got to go. PBS!
by Er Br November 14, 2005

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