As in the Public Broadcasting System. Americans owe a debt of gratitude for PBS for the quality television they have delivered over the decades.

PBS today DOES have commercials. Don't let them tell you different. Every program is now sponsored by several companies or "made possible by" and then there is a "commercial" for said companies, or organizations.

This did not used to be the case. Also, the pledge drives tend to go on "all year" now, or a lot more now than they did years ago. Every time a pledge drive starts, our local PBS breaks out the "cooler" shows or special shows to "lure" newbies in making us; the ones' who donate our money like clockwork, even more angry and annoyed.

Aside from some politics, and the misnomer that PBS is commercial free; it is a station that is a part of all of us, and sadly isn't watched by more of us.
"Ughh....just trying to watch PBS Newshour, there is about four minutes of "commercials" before the program starts...I thought PBS was supposed to be commercial free???"

"What? WHY are they interrupting Nova for a 'break' to remind us and ask us for more money? Didn't they just have a pledge drive two months ago?"

"Awesome 'Grateful Dead' concert from 1975 was on PBS last night, too bad they ruined it with three "station breaks" to ask for more money, and they only show programs like this when it's time to ask for more money."
by blutowski December 06, 2012
Pretty Boy Swag
My friends & I got that pbs
by imsuperkewl November 14, 2010
Pussy Bitch Syndrome: when one is being a complete pussy or bitch and complaining about a fake or minor illness or injury.
peter: i cant go to practice today cause i just got a flu shot and my arm really hurts.

matt: oh yeah i heard that causes P.b.s. so suck it up fag
by look away November 15, 2010
It stands for Pen-in-Brain Syndrome. A rare disorder that is easily identified by the physician for the characteristic pen lodged in the brain. PBS is almost always fatal. There was one instance recorded example of a man suffering from PBS for years, without realizing he was missing portions of his brain that governed logic and reason. Upon removal of the pen, however, he died.
"This is a clear cut case, ladies and gentlemen. This man died from Pen-in-Brain!" (PBS)
by Decrata December 24, 2013
Perpetual Boner Syndrome. The act of being extremely horny, normally horny most of the time or anything closely related with being horny.
Timmy, because of the evidence at how often you masturbate, how many nudey mags you have, and the fact that you can't hold a conversation that doesn't have to do with Brazilian waxing, butt play, and/or tits, I have concluded that your have a severe case of PBS.
by T!ff@&?LhuvsYhu July 23, 2011
PBS is short for Pre Birthday Syndrome, A variation from the "PMS" (Pre menstrual syndrome) but in this case any gender could be affected.

Depression and other symptoms that may differ depends of the person, avoiding people, avoiding making plans for that day, avoiding celebrate it, and feel as miserable as you can. Being dramatic and impossible for those who actually want to celebrate it with you while you avoiding any kind of celebration drawing in your own crap!

A time to look back and think of all the things that went wrong in your life, everything you didnt accomplish an all that type of things.
Anna is PBS again, she just doesnt wanna go dancing!

I would be PBSing this week, please dont call me till my birthday is over
by deathlylover January 10, 2012
Acronym that stands for Pizza, Beer, and Sex. The three greatest things a man can enjoy.
Elise, I want PBS today.


I don't know how I ever lived without PBS in my life.
by SMBTTU December 09, 2011
The tragic condition of being Poor, Bored, and Sober all at once. A leading cause of extreme behavior and suicides
What's wrong today bro?

"Aww, I've got P.B.S. today man. Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow"
by Just shoot me 2014 April 09, 2014

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