Patrol Boat - River. A boat used to patrol shallow waterways.
The boat Martin Sheen used in Apocalypse Now was a PBR.
by Colin Ritter August 06, 2003
contraction for "Pirate Butt Rape", who is a friend of Captain Morgan or the same person.
did he just say "PBR me ASAP"?
by eeyore13 July 27, 2003
Abbreviation of PBReview.com, a very popular paintball oriented website and forum community. Rival site is PBN, or PBnation, a very unfriendly site to new paintballers, as most solutions to questions are to "Drink Bleach".
PBR is way too full of man secks
by TiPpYsGaLoRe January 22, 2005
abbr for Powered By Rice. Used to denote either a person of the asiatic persuasion, or an item (such as a car) that is of the asian persuasion.

see also: rice burner, rice rocket, FOB
I was in little tokyo yesterday and this group of PBR's drove by on a bunch of PBR's <translation- I was in little tokyo yesterday and this group of asians drove by on a bunch honda's>
by beau ellerson January 27, 2004
a paintball site which is filled by many idiots who think spyders are godly, and drops are the shit.
Omg my spyder is sooo fucking ownage, it's got a ballistics drop forward, and I hate agg.
by Pseudonym October 25, 2004
An adjective used to describe Chillicothe, IL...anyone who lives there, as well as anyone who lives there, goes to Bradley University and drives a "I'm not a cop-car".
Let's go piss on PBR Chillicothe's car!
by Matt Libby March 25, 2003
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