Acronym for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Some of the worse domestic skunk water ever to hit the market. Usually purchased by college frat & sorority kids who can't afford anything else but wanna look cool drinking their beer. Has become quite the phenomenon in the past couple of years, tho inexplicably so.
Yo, we having dat house party tonight, braski??

Yeah, bra, but 1st we gots ta make a PBR run, you know how da hotts like ta drink it!!
by Tommyt March 06, 2009
Paper Bag Required. A definition used to describe a female who is somewhat unattractive, particularly in the head/facial region.
You: Dude, you should go for that chick!

Friend: You got a paper bag? She is totally PBR...
by Paper Bag Guy September 25, 2006
Professional Bull Riding, one of the most redneck sports/TV shows ever.
PBR? Yeeeehaw!!

I'll go watch PBR while drinking PBR.
by Taiyal August 26, 2005
I horrible beer that makes you feel like you drank an entire loaf of bread so you go home with some skank with genital warts and do her in the booty.
damnit, these cheap kids only have PBR, I hate that shit.
by Furious D April 04, 2004
Personal Bong Rip. A small pinch of cannabis packed into a bong so that each smoker in a circle can take his/her own hit, instead of packing a gigantic bowl and giving the ashy, disgusting end of the bowl to one unlucky person.
"Pack PBRs so that everyone can get greens"
by GimmeGreens September 15, 2006
Abbreviation of PBReview.com, a very popular paintball oriented website and forum community.
PBR is way too full of man secks.
by Firekow September 01, 2004
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