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perfect blow job
Dont you wish you could get a PBJ right now?!
by boney shaba December 07, 2010
2 13
An acronym for Poprocks Blow Job. This is when a blow job is given with poprocks in the mouth of the person performing oral.
"Dude, John got a PBJ last night...." "Ouch!! that sick bastard always liked pain..."

"Last night i got a PBJ... apparently that was her idea of break up sex....."
by Tkjhamak February 04, 2010
2 13
Probation Before Judgement.

Most commonly used in traffic court when the judge decides to put you on probation before you have to plead guilty or not guilty. If you do not break your PBJ, your record will be wiped clean.
The judge let me off with pbj and a $150 fine...i mean i feel like im down, better then gettin a point on your record brah.
by Joe Wonder June 08, 2007
14 25
Verb: To cock-block with benefit.

"I was diggin on this girl when my buddy totally PBJ'd me!!"

"You wouldn't believe this, but last night a hot lesbian totally PDJ'd me and scored. Lucky bitch."
by Original Monique May 16, 2008
2 14
Period Blow Job, as in getting a blowy when your special lady friend is bleeding from her cock spittoon.
"Sara is in the process of passing an unfertilized egg, and you know how I dont like pulling the plug or getting blood on my wee wee, so I think Ill just settle for a PBJ."
by HillRat December 11, 2008
0 14
A PBJ is an act of oral sex using penut butter spread on the man's penis. Not so great for the girl but enjoyable for the guy.
Dude, my girl likes me so much, last night she gave me a PBJ!
by SGray May 18, 2006
8 24
period blood juice

When blood from a woman's vagina is inadvertently left on a piece of furniture or clothing
His girlfriend just left her PBJ all over the futon.
by Kylecas February 27, 2008
1 20