A partial blow job. When a girl, or guy gives you a blow job and you do not finish.
Jon - "I met this girl last night but she wasn't that good in bed"

Rob - "What do you mean?"

Jon - "She went down, but only gave me a PBJ. I didn't even get to finish."
by beatjunkie604 June 09, 2009
porno blow job...the act of a blow job during porn watching
hey can i get a pbj for taking care of that big rat in the basement???..please??i wont ask again for 3 days
by lazy suzanne July 16, 2011
1,Paper Bag Job
2,Plastic Bag Job
Yo She's Got A Peng Body, Not A Very Nice Face Tho, Shell Get A PBJ
by Mark Davis August 08, 2005
An acronym for Poprocks Blow Job. This is when a blow job is given with poprocks in the mouth of the person performing oral.
"Dude, John got a PBJ last night...." "Ouch!! that sick bastard always liked pain..."

"Last night i got a PBJ... apparently that was her idea of break up sex....."
by Tkjhamak February 04, 2010
Verb: To cock-block with benefit.

"I was diggin on this girl when my buddy totally PBJ'd me!!"

"You wouldn't believe this, but last night a hot lesbian totally PDJ'd me and scored. Lucky bitch."
by Original Monique May 16, 2008
Period Blow Job, as in getting a blowy when your special lady friend is bleeding from her cock spittoon.
"Sara is in the process of passing an unfertilized egg, and you know how I dont like pulling the plug or getting blood on my wee wee, so I think Ill just settle for a PBJ."
by HillRat December 11, 2008
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