When you pee in a girl's mouth instead of cumming while receiving a blow job.
"Hahaha, you should've seen the look on her face when i gave her a pbj"
by Gason & Gave January 14, 2008
Period Blood Job. When a woman periods on you.
Ryan got PBJ'd last night while he was wearing white Nike shorts. #Embarassed
by Rabid Steve September 20, 2014
Podium Blow Job. As in a BJ given under a podium
1: Yo! How'd you get an A in politics?
2: Totally gave the prof a PBJ
by Ms. O 2011 May 01, 2011
Probation Before Judgement.

Most commonly used in traffic court when the judge decides to put you on probation before you have to plead guilty or not guilty. If you do not break your PBJ, your record will be wiped clean.
The judge let me off with pbj and a $150 fine...i mean i feel like im down, better then gettin a point on your record brah.
by Joe Wonder June 08, 2007
A partial blow job. When a girl, or guy gives you a blow job and you do not finish.
Jon - "I met this girl last night but she wasn't that good in bed"

Rob - "What do you mean?"

Jon - "She went down, but only gave me a PBJ. I didn't even get to finish."
by beatjunkie604 June 09, 2009
porno blow job...the act of a blow job during porn watching
hey can i get a pbj for taking care of that big rat in the basement???..please??i wont ask again for 3 days
by lazy suzanne July 16, 2011
Pasta Blowjob - you get a blow job while eating pasta. Pretty neat.
This underage chick from last night offered me a PBJ today. She delivered.
by Charles Scooter June 26, 2010

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