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PBG- also know as Psycho Bitch Girlfriend. When your friend has a girlfriend and shes crazy.. He should probably dump her...
So how is your PBG?
by Miss1234 June 29, 2013
Short for "Popular Black Girls". Group of African- American women who usually wear weaves and nice clothing. Also have a feeling of superiority over others. Usually seen in high schools or college campuses
The PBGS are prominently shown in the BET show Girlfriends
by Asexsia February 21, 2011
means privileged black guy
i'm black and rich,rich,wealthy,suburbs yo,PBG
by MICK-DOG February 10, 2014
Pretty Black Girl
"Bruh find you a PBG and you'll be set"
by Cipcip September 13, 2015
it is short for paper bag girl which means a but her head
hey man look at that pbg
by The Running Egyptian June 26, 2007

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