PBB it stands for Punk. Basil. Bitch.

it means u pretty much preform oral favors for cash compensation, fail at life in general, and everyone hates your black skin.

it it stems from Basil, which is the best term ever created to refer to a complete lame ass.
WOW! You really looked it up, your a total PBB.
by trophy wife March 17, 2009
Top Definition
Pirate Bulletin Board: The largest offroading website in the world.
have you browsed the PBB today?
by sceep July 28, 2010
Without food you'll probably starve within a month.
Without food you'll pbb starve within a month.
by Mr. van D October 15, 2012
(n.) an acronym for Pinoy Big Brother. A famous reality show in the Philippines.
1. PBB will be shown at 10pm.
2. Kim Chiu is from the reality show PBB.
by shakingpee November 13, 2010
Pretty bitches balling
PBB? Pretty bitches ballin, nah you don't see that often.
by Jayy18 August 17, 2015
Pissed Beyond Belief
"Ugh my mom won't let me go out!"
"Really? Sucks."
"Yeah dude i'm PBB."
by uhwheresmyfish? October 17, 2010
Pine Box by Bed Side - A medical condition similar to CTD meaning 'about to die'
There really are only 3 conditions in the hospital. Good, No so Good, and PBBS.
by Ferrous July 19, 2006
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