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Getting black out drunk, doing a bunch of dumb stuff and not remembering it. This especially relates to college students.
You got so PAUL'D last night you bought everyone a ton of drinks and dinner.

You were so PAUL'D that you went missing at formal and had 150 people looking for you
by Waldorf2011 May 05, 2011
1. to be invited to something by someone (usually named Paul) who then cancels on you or doesn't show up at all. 2. to be left hanging without being told. 3. to be ditched. 4. to receive a chiropractic adjustment by a Paul
Paul: "Hey BBQ tonight at your place? I'll bring the meat"
Craig: "Sounds good, 6?"
Paul: "Alright cool, I have enough steaks"
Troy: "Sweet"

<3 hours later in a backyard full of people...>
Shores: "Dude, I've hit on every 40 year old here...where's the food? Where's Paul?"
Craig & Troy: "Aww man, we got Paul'd!"
by Princess Hathaway Will Die January 04, 2009
It's like getting mauled by a hyena, only you get Paul'd by a Ron Paul Sticker by some rabid Ron Paul fanatic.
"What the hell is this sticker on my car?"

"DUDE! You totally got Paul'd by some punk!"
by Andrew Edman January 02, 2008

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