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The last remix of the PARANOiAs made by "aTYPE-300" (NAOKI). Possibly the hardest PARANOiA ever made. It runs at 300 BPM and it slows down to 100 BPM. The oni (challenge) stepchart consists of A LOT of turns and some double-stepping, all of witch it must be done at 300 BPM. The slow-down is also hard because the player must step on arrows at 32th beats, making it hard to read. It also contains a section of 12th notes in witch the player must also do turns and crossovers.
I don't know witch turns and crossovers are more annoying, PARANOIA SURVIVOR MAX's or PARANOiA Hades?
by GreenWarrior February 28, 2008
Yes, it's been remixed again for DDR SuperNOVA 2!!

This is another PARANOiA, with speed changes from 75-300, and a video which scares people. Apparently.

The artist is NAOKI, this time with the pseudonym a-type300 (the 'a' is a Greek alpha symbol).

While the Heavy steps are only a difficulty of 9, there are many difficult parts which players believe make it a 10. The Challenge steps are very difficult, with a final long 8th note death run containing crossovers and jumps.

BPM: 75-300
Stops: 0

B-3, L-7, S-8, H-9, C-10
by Oni-91 October 26, 2007
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