Pussy Ass Kid

or more commonly known as
Pootz Ass Kid
Damn, Alex is such a PAK
by Tht One Niggaa July 10, 2011
a guy with a 12inch penis, total mad fella and mad fighta
that guy was so paks
by raj- August 05, 2003
An extremely common misspelling of the word, "pack".
This misspelling is even made by large corporations who ought to know better.
{Brad}: Hey Kestra, I just zipped open this week's Val Pak coupons and found coupons for 65% off Wrigley's Plen-T-Pak gum and 57% off those Freez Paks!
{Kestra}: Great Brad, let me stuff those fuckers in my purse and run to the store straight away!!!
by Telephony August 28, 2014
Acronym. meaning Punk Ass Kid-


A word used to describe a type of person who is associated with the punk scene from the genre of music they listen to.

Most punks now a days aren't even old enough, nor where born anywhere close to the actual 70's punk scene, to understand the actual meaning of being a true "punk". Yet they have a need to feel it nessasary to "rep" the scene to the fullest by standing out in their leather or denim jackets full of patches, safety pins, spikes, studs & buttons.


Used to describe not only their perception on life; The "The world owes me, Fuck you!" attitude; to be an ass; but also for their scent from their general lack for hygiene; to smell like an ass.


Regardless of the years this person has been on this Earth or "how old their soul is; how many lives they have lived", they still seem to act like a child; kid.

They will assume you will have fun sneaking around with them doing "The Art of Distruction"; distroying people's personal property; via tagging, also known as "bombing", causing mayhem where ever is possible, fighting & disturbing the general public for no actual reason besides you feel they all owe you.
Guy 1- "Man, did you see that P.A.K. on 18th street last night?"
Gyt 2- "Yeah, he was banned from Pizza Place for being an ass!"
by XcrossXtheXstr8XoffXmyXedgeX October 15, 2012
Short for a professional ass kisser, and/or a brown noser. You may find these people at your place of work, or in any situation where this person is trying to get ahead in life. Stop these people dead in their tracks at all costs.
Look at Chief J. Brown, what a PAK, he is brown nosing his life away.
by the queen babe March 07, 2011
Comes for the comedy stunt about "SBC Packers" in which a Philipino pronounces "Packers" as "pakers."
"Pak dat sheet."
"Pak you nigga."
"Paking Mang."
by Marcinovski April 13, 2005
why i am the luckiest girl in the world =]
pak is the hottest guy in the whole world!
by sammy March 10, 2005

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