To see the worst pornographic video, novel, or picture that can never be unseen. This can result too your boner to retreat inside your own body or you are forever changed by the sight. The ultimate CockBlock
1. "Hey man you see that video I sent you" "Yeah you made me paf the whole f***ing night with my wife thanks alot jerk"
2. "Dude I was about to go down on her but between here legs smelt like a musty pier so I paffed and got outta there"
3. "Howed it go with that girl from the bar?" "I couldn't even get to second base...soon as I walked to my room with her my brother came in with my stash and I paffed"
by IStareAtSolarFlares December 30, 2009
Acrynom for Pussy Ass Faggit Shit. Can be used to describe a person (you are such a PAFS) or to describe a situation (that is PAFS).
Tom: I think I'm going to get a big mac meal with a diet coke.

Kevin: Dude, that is some PAFS

Tom: You're right, I'll get a regular coke.
by sick weapon August 20, 2011
Pockets. Always. Full. A drug dealer that's pockets are always full either with money and or drugs
My mans iz PAF

PAF is a way of life

get it frm tht nigga he is PAF
by keyon kers 914 April 04, 2011
Punk As F*ck, otherwise known as PAF. Generally used to describe someone who tries too hard to be "hardcore" or "punk". PAF kids generally aquire their clothing at places like Hot Topic. Their apparel generally includes: band t-shirts, skate shoes, dickies pants, basketball caps, spiked wristbands and belts, etc. A PAF person is basically just a poser.
Guy 1: "Dude that guy is so PAF."
Guy 2: "Oh God mr. Hot Topic is coming over."
PAF kid: "Hey guys whats up?"
Guy 1: "I like your shirt, I love Alexisonfire. Did you see them when they came through town?"
PAF kid: "Uh.... yeah. It was bitchin!"
Guy 2: "You totally bought that shirt at Hot Topic didn't you?"
PAF kid: "NO... well, yeah I did."
Guy 1: "Tard"
by BlackSunRising September 16, 2007
"Punk as Fuck" - used to describe kids who are new to and learning about the punk scene that think they are the shit.
Did you see that kid with the brand new dogpile jeans andcreepers? He's paf.
by dangerdanger77 August 23, 2006
Acronym for "Patent Applied For" - Humbucker type guitar pickups developed by Gibson in 1955
Cabbage's guitar had PAF pickups fitted so he could crank out that vintage tone. Hot damn that dude can play!
by word_art August 19, 2005
Party At Fender's.

See also Fender.
Ken: Party at Fender's!
Chris: I second that motion.
Fender: Nope. /cry
Joe: Fender is a tool.
Pienta: I third that motion and move to strike Fender.
Allen: I breathe like Darth Vader.

Fender: Where did Ken go?
Joe: I'll bring the pot and we'll get high and watch chalkzone.
Allen: I'm goofy. *breathes like Darth Vader*
by IAMSODOT May 07, 2005
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