PAF means 'Punk as Fuck' it even sounds punk as fuck. Used to describe an attitude, look, item of clothing or situation.
Fuck! Your studded jacket is PAf man
by PAFyeah August 02, 2011
Poor As Fuck
Leaside is a PAF neighbourhood.
by pafjamcoordinator January 19, 2011
PAF stands for pretentious art fuck. These are the people that think, because they make good art, they are owed some sort of entitlement by the general public.
That bastard Hitler used to be a real PAF in his hayday until he was rejected by that Vienna art school.
by DaleJones February 04, 2010
Pinterest As Fuck; when an outfit, hairstyle, makeup, home decor etc. is so well done that it looks like it could get a ton of repins on Pinterest
"Get it girl! You're looking PAF!"
by bubba28 March 16, 2015
Acronym for 'People Are Fuckers.'
Jane: That pharmacist refused to fill my birth control script.

Janet: PAF!
by Merrylegs August 05, 2010
Pale as fuck. Being so white, it blinds other people. Even with sunglasses, it still burns your eyes.
Sam: "Dude did you see that ginger?"
Lisa: "Yeah, she was paf."
by Marissa Duncan July 29, 2012
(Point at Face) The act of pointing at your face with no expression.
1. Dude she was just PAFing at me. WTF?!?!
by Sider92 October 24, 2011

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