Founder of Sonic CulT, which has risen in recent years to be one of the most popular Sonic sites around. Pachuka himself, while having made many enemies, is also very popular around a lot of people for his attitude - he doesn't hesitate to ridicule someone if they post silly shit on his site and constantly posts pics of his outings (pissing all over Gator's sign was a good one).

As for the child-molester allegations, I for one think of Pachuka to be a little smarter than that. i'm going with xt0rt in that the silly bitch lied about her age, she is 15 after all and knows perfectly well what she was doing. We'll just have to wait and see.
Also runs a rather nasty little community known as SCARZ.
by ATH January 21, 2005
Top Definition
In my opinion, one of the best webmasters on the internet. He has amassed a huge amount of rare Sonic game information that no one else could have done all in one place, Sonic-CulT. All of this information has made it to other sites but they wouldn’t have all of it without him
I applaud all the work PACHUKA has done, but it is a shame he is in prison right now :(
by SCANK April 17, 2005
The creator of Sonic CulT. Is very awesome and cool.
by Unown August 04, 2003
A train of people giving rim jobs.
Are you going to the party tonight?
Yea, I heard there's going to be a mad long PACHUKA there. My asshole has been itchy all day
by Chan3 June 15, 2005
A thin stick like instrument used to clean resin/tar out of the cone piece of a bong.
Man, you got a pachuka? This billy is blocked...
by John March 17, 2005
Term referring to a rude and unimaginative person who gains high praise among fools. Undeservingly powerful with the previously mentioned command, though often predictable. May also refer to one who makes the habit of repeatedly using mindlessly offensive words(fuck, shit, cock), and pays no attention to logic and moral.

Like a deaf guy with Turret's Syndrome.
"I say Wattson, that Reala is quite the pachuka."

by Somone with common sense March 29, 2005
An export heroin cigarrette rolled in the finest hentai printouts.
"Nigga, pass them pachukas!"
by Ultimate Produce Clerk Leo February 03, 2005
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