PAAG - Phat Ass Asian Girl
Annie Thao is one PAAG.
by Thick Ass Lover October 23, 2011
Top Definition
Paag is headdress in Mithila , a part of Bihar. Paag is a symbol of honour and respect. Mithilalok Foundation has taken up the cudgels to advance the cause of Paag all across the world.
To promote the cultural identity- 'paag' (headgear) that Mithila offers to us, 'Mithilalok', a Delhi-based organization committed to socio-cultural and economic development in Mithila, has taken up the cudgels to advance the cause.
by jhaajhaa June 16, 2016
is another name for a turban. found on the heads of my sikhs as well as PAKIstanis.
Check that paag on jigjinderjeet, its massive! That brother must use a whole bottle of head and shoulders in the morning!
by dchohan July 19, 2008
To gag on Pubic hair.
Girl 1: Dude! I was a boss last night and Paaged my boyfriend!

Girl 2: You are sooo lucky!
by RANDYHANDSY April 29, 2011
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