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PTD (post-Tour depression) is a common pathological ailment amongst young British students that are in a state of mental and physical recovery after a frivolous week of self-debauchery and entertainment. It is common and needs to be addressed by further alcohol consumption, extended periods of sleep or repeated crying.
I'm suffering from P.T.D, I can't get out of bed and all I want is some Sangria
by The PTD Doctor April 19, 2011
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Post THIMUN Depression, more commonly known as PTD, is a very serious condition. Although it sounds quite ridiculous, it is very common amongst young adults returning just returning from Den Haag, The Netherlands towards the end of January. Symptoms include:

1. Sleeping past 1 in the afternoon

2. Not wanting to go anywhere

3. Reminiscing by means of, but not limited to:

a. constantly looking at picutres from THIMUN

b. reading old MUNITYs

4. Constantly referring back to debate. For example:

a. Point of information to the chair

b. The chair would like to remind the House to speak in 3rd person

c. Point of personal priviledge!

If your loved ones have more than one of the aforementioned symptoms, he or she may be suffereing from PTD. The delegate of Tonga would like to urge the other delegates to push through these hard times and remember that there IS help.

THIMUN 2012 is on it's way.

Thank you Mr. President, have a nice day.
Delegate 1: Oh man, I can't believe THIMUN is over
Delegate 2: Me either. I miss it so much
Delegate 1: Sounds like you've got a case of PTD
by Delegate of Tonga, EC 2 January 29, 2011
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post thimun(the hague international model united nations) depression

-depression brought on along by the ending of the most fucking amazing week of our lives.

-missing the intense debates, night life, and socializing with over 3000 newly met people
-making pun out of debate procedure
a: god damit THIMUN's over imma miss it so much
b:yea its been a great fucking week... gonna suffer from shitty ptd.. gonna miss getting shit faced every other day and waking up with a hangover to go back to the world forum :D
a: yea man we need to find people on fb and stay connected till we get over that shit :S
b: yup.. lets rape some walls :D
by honomono January 31, 2011
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prepare to die

What is about to follow is earth shattering news. Something amazing, surprising, awesome, ironic, or shocking is about to be said.
PTD, Michelle! Mike asked DeeDee to marry him!

PTD, Patrick got a new job and he's moving to Pittsburgh in three weeks.

by shadycat August 18, 2007
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Post Travel Depression.

PTD occurs when returning back home from traveling after a long period of time. Symptoms include loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression

PTD can last up to 1.5 times the original trip length.

In some cases PTD can develop into CAS (cynical asshole syndrome). This is usually brought on by some of your old 'non travel' friends spouting bullshit about lame ass TV shows, local issues that no one gives a fuck about and showing you pictures of their kids poo.
This time last week I was sitting on a tropical beach not having a care in world. Now I'm sitting in a fucking office listening to my colleagues talk shit about X-Factor. PTD has seriously kicked in.
by BurnDownTheOffice August 07, 2011
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Previously Taken Dick
This was used in the fx tv show you are the worst
You cant fuck him again he is a ptd
by Lilo.jpg July 18, 2015
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"Ptd are so crazy."
by Iluffcookies July 12, 2009
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