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Pussy Lips Ass Titties

The 4 prime characteristics a young adolescent male wants in a female.
"Hey Melvin, do you see that girl over there?"
"Dood yeah I do. Ooohweee, P.L.A.T., she's got it all."
by Poopdogg February 22, 2012
14 1
The sound being made from skin slapping skin during intercouse.
I'm gonna give her the PLAT!
by Will Pounder July 26, 2007
37 18
Short for platinum
dat aint plat dats just silver
by natman April 22, 2003
34 18
platform shoes
many people in Seattle wear plats
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011
6 1
hair that has been braided or twisted.
That lil girl has a lot of plats in her head.
by beeAU November 23, 2010
14 11
Peace, Love, And, Tits.
All we want is PLAT..
Alright hun TTYL, PLAT.
by Do0sh February 28, 2011
3 7
one who enjoys taking part in troll footing and space docking
Plat is a massive whore
by madz bills September 01, 2007
9 15