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Penis Bulge
A. All right man, it's time to go on stage.
B. How do I look? Everything straight?
A. You got a little PB in the front.
B. PB?
A. Penis bulge, in the front of your pants. Try to tuck it or something before the show starts.
by Aldridge517 June 11, 2012
Pussy Bitch.
YOU know what! Your a being a PB!
A Pussy bitch! BITCH!
by Panik 0ne July 10, 2008
peanut butter
let's eat some p.b. for breakfast!
by ice cream queen April 22, 2009
Private Blunt Smoking. Meaning smoking alone
Ya'll can't smoke with me, I'm P.B.S 'ing
by ThEmEsHaLl December 20, 2010
Pottery Barn
Shit foo, didju get yo Arden Velvet Pillow cover from PB yet? Hows about dem Bellmont Stripe design curtains fo yo crib? Or how 'bout da Bennington Armoire Deluxe set? You seen dat shit? Izoff da hook!
by Assessment January 02, 2004
Personal Best; a new high score at anything, good or bad.
John: "Hey look, Nick just set a new PB on rejections tonight."

Matt: "Ya man, what's that his third at this bar?"
by TheBiggestDick March 31, 2012
P.B.S = Poopy Butt Syndrome

The act of having fecal matter on the outer ring of ones anus resulting in poopy butt syndrome. Poopy butt syndrome usually causes S.B.S. (Smelly Butt Sybdrome) and mostly I.B.S. (Ithcy Butt Syndrome.
1) Oh dude, my anus itches so bad. I am suffering from IBS because I have P.B.S.

2) After Remix got pounded in his rear he was suffering from P.B.S.
by Douglas Physher March 31, 2011