Penis Bulge
A. All right man, it's time to go on stage.
B. How do I look? Everything straight?
A. You got a little PB in the front.
B. PB?
A. Penis bulge, in the front of your pants. Try to tuck it or something before the show starts.
by Aldridge517 June 11, 2012
The definition of PB varies greatly from person to person, however it is most commonly used when describing a female with gorgeous, small boobs, or "Pure boob" as it is commonly refered to.

A example of pure boob could be when one is smashed into a elevator like sardines in a can, and the woman with the pure boob's chest is smashed to your back.
Damn dude, did you see that girl?

Yeah, she had PB
by 99999999999 June 22, 2009
A group of fine young men in oklahoma , who party so hard president Barack Obama gave them the name PB short for party brigade..There basically the hardest partiers the Earth has ever seen
That party last night was almost a PB status party..
by AMD64 April 29, 2009
Short for Personal Business - to take a shit
Yo,that T-bell I ate last night is going right through me, I will be right back I have to take care of some "PB"
by Dr.Green October 17, 2008
-Abbreviation for the words "penis bitch"
-Someone who is a penis bitch
-used to insult someone as a joke, that's annoying, that you hate, that just reminds you of the word "PB", or someone that just pisses you off just by looking at them.

Hey get out of here you pb, knowone wants you here
by Nick J-rand August 22, 2008
Prison Break
You saw the new episode of Pb?
-Yeah, it was awesome !
by AngryAngel July 31, 2008
Reffering to the US drama, Prison Break.
o btw mate, i hope you uv got PB on the dload!
by Stevie^T! January 15, 2008
abbriviation of the T.V. show prison break
Yeah, it's monday so I gonna watch PB...
by cquarter March 04, 2007

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