Penis Bulge
A. All right man, it's time to go on stage.
B. How do I look? Everything straight?
A. You got a little PB in the front.
B. PB?
A. Penis bulge, in the front of your pants. Try to tuck it or something before the show starts.
by Aldridge517 June 11, 2012
Pregnancy Brain
She has what we call P.B.
by 43770 August 14, 2011
Potential booty
I'm going to Seattle.

Oh yea? To see a girl?

There's some PB up there I'm after.
by tigereustis May 24, 2011
noun. short for 'phoney baloney'

verb. short 'pull in boots'. to hook up with someone while wearing utilitarian boots, like snow or hiking boots.
Noun usage. Your story is PB.

Verb usage. She PB'd last night with that dude.
by draftversion January 20, 2011
An abbreviation for "pulsating boner" used by Cyclists in place of Dinwoodie, often mistaken by people outwith the cycling fraternity for "Personal Best"
Cyclist : Yo man, 30 minutes to cycle to work and I got a PB

Non Cyclist : You said it only took you 25 minutes last week, how can 30 be a PB ?

Cyclist : It's a bike thing man, you wouldn't understand

Non Cyclist : Hahahahaha... You've got a Dinwoodie
by Baku Goose August 12, 2009
Punk Buster.
The integrated program into any game that uses Punkbuster to catch cheaters or hackers that try to modify game content unfairly compared to other players.
Aimbots, Chamilion skins, Wall hacks, Name tag hacks, Custom Vectors, Commander hacks, Asus wall hacks, Crosshair, and many more.

by flyingtoretilas May 19, 2007
shorthand for "pussy bender", as when a bikini bottom fits too tight or high on a girl's hips. See also: Camel Toe
I aint wearing that; that is a major PB!
by Heathen Lummox October 09, 2003
Phone Bone
Me and Ladyzen like to PB because we're horny and can't hook up.
by Ordinator August 17, 2003

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