Penis Bulge
A. All right man, it's time to go on stage.
B. How do I look? Everything straight?
A. You got a little PB in the front.
B. PB?
A. Penis bulge, in the front of your pants. Try to tuck it or something before the show starts.
by Aldridge517 June 11, 2012
Paper bag.
"Man she is so fugly I wouldn't even P.B that bitch!"
by discostixxx September 24, 2009
Acronym: Personal Best. Sports term, particularly related with swimming and athletics.
"Man, what a fucking race! I went out in 27.3 and did 58.1, a new PB! Stokz0red"
by brendan September 06, 2004
The remotely hosted forums called Proboards. PB for short.
Proboards offer the best remotely hosted forums.
by Nick March 18, 2004
Prime Bitch. Person who you call your best friend or 2! Prime is an association for when something, idea, or word grows on you.
Hey Gina! Whaddup PB#1 and PB#2. Those are my Prime Bitches!
by igpman October 25, 2009
Pacific beach
hey i use to live down in pb
by pb baby May 10, 2009
To pack a "Personal Bowl," of marijuana. This is putting nugget in the bowl for the soul purpose of one person smoking the entire bowl.
"Yo can I get in on that" he replied, "no man this is a PB"

"Who did you rip with" he replied, "I just had a PB, it was nice"
by Jean Marie February 10, 2009
Personal Bowl, When one has the urge to smoke without the urge to share. Usually smaller in size but can vary depending on how blitzed you plan on being.
1. I went to my car and loaded a PB during lunch to get me through the rest of the work day.
2. I got enough weed to get me high nigga I can't smoke you up imma just load me a PB.
by Jayta June 10, 2008

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