A lame nickname sometimes used when referring to Peterborough, Ontario because we don't have our own nickname. See also, Sixth Borough, The.
Townie: Yo man, it's like the T-dot and the P-dot, right?
Student: No.
by Lairor October 26, 2004
A womans time of the month, her period.
Are you on your p-dot?

Are you having your p-dot?

Owww, bad cramps, I'm on my p-dot.

Can we make love tonight? How is your p-dot doing?

We can't have sex tonight, I'm having my p-dot.

Did you get your p-dot yet?
by Spartan Pierce August 04, 2009
On Ur period ..Time of the month
Its that time again...Im on my pdot
by viperdoc75 January 24, 2012
A slang name for a girls period; derived from the start of the word and the symbol it represents.
Crap dude, my girl has her p-dot so it looks like I'm not gettin laid tonight.
by italk211 December 04, 2008
The name used to refer to Pictou, Nova Scotia.
We're heading to the P-dot for a hook-up.
by Tea Pot August 02, 2006

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