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Guys with female like characterisitcs.. they gossip.. have too many emotions and do not know what the fuck they want.. equaling in pussy bitch ass guys. It is usually a condition that once inflicted upon a man will remain with him until he can grow some balls after which it will never return again.
Scenario 1-
Pbag:"Girl, yah know I'm just not sure about this. About me. About you. About us."
Girl that knows whats good: "Shut the fuck up you pbag and fucking stick it in already. I wore those heels to get some dick tonight so hurry the fuck up. I'm out of cigarettes and weed!"

Scenario 2-
Real Motherfuckin Man: "Hey man check out that fine bitch over there. When was the last time you got laid boy? Go talk to that bitch."
Pbag: "I'm not sure what I want in this life. She is very attractive and all but what about her personality. I'm not sure if I agree with her clothing style either.."
Real Motherfuckin Man: "You still a pbag you've had it since you were in fucking 10th grade! Grow some balls!"
by RealMotherfuckinMan February 06, 2010
The P stands for Pussy. Followed up with a bag, a.k.a. a douche or a Bitch. When said together is a Pussy Bag, like a Bag of pussy or alot of bitch. Used to describe a person if they are more then just a bitch. They are a HUGE BITCH.
Your a P-Bag Jim for letting that kid bitch you out.
Take the shot and quit being a P-Bag.
Stop being a P-Bag and tell Jen you want it.
by xMatt Zx May 23, 2008
A pussy bag
"That kids a douche bag!"
"Nah mang he's a p bag"
"What's that?"
"A pussy bag bro!, its way better, like meaning he's way more stupid HA!"
by KEL loves BAKES September 26, 2008