A word to be used spontaneously and unexpecedly. Usually screamed as loud as possibe in an extremly quiet, sometimes serious, situation.
Also a great answer to any question that exists.

May also be used, sometimes, as an interjection.
Mr. Kellner: Who is the new pope going to be?
Me: P Diddy!

Me: P Diddy! I stabbed myself... again!
by Du Rag April 28, 2005
The only Nuclear Power Officer in the Navy with a degree in Music
P Diddy rigs the ship for 'Dance-Party'
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
Puff On-Dis
My pee-pee is ditty that why Jenny left me.
by RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurple August 28, 2003
A ture entertainer/bussiness man. An individual who goes out and achieves anything that he plans to do. Very much flambounat. Known for being the CEO of bad boy records and also for discovering B.I.G. He lives up to his famous quote, "can't stop, don't even know how to stop."
"There is no other like Diddy"... Point blank
Love him or hate him you can't deny him.
by Mara December 14, 2004
a rapper/producer with no rapping talent but will make more money producing than any of you hatin fags will ever see. fuck you whoever made fun of biggie.
by dumb white guy September 17, 2003

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